eBILLS ONLY, DUE Jan 15, April 15, July 15, Oct 15) If certainly REMEMBER TAX DAY just count 3 months back and forth from that. YOU MUST TELL US to cancel, and (receive confirmation you did, Duh), EQUIPMENT  MUST BE RETURNED to CANCEL (we loaned, not sold you, another big Duh). “If WE pay, YOU pay” is the best way to remember THAT Duh…and we ARE NOT the psychic network, just virtual providers in nature (in our case we don’t even make a living spying on what you do so DEFINITELY not mind readers)

IF you are waiting for paper in the mail you WILL BE LATE and $5 more costly doing so! eBill just like the eShopping you do elsewhere using us! (Duh)

KEEP IN MIND the $5/month eBILL discoun is how we avoid the latest rate increase!

NEXT Quarter billing due: July 15th
Residential Due: $150 LESS $15 eMail eBill delivery ONLY Discount = $135/Quarter due
Business Due: $240 LESS $15 eMail eBill delivery ONLY Discount = $225/Quarter due

Time Left to PAY*:

Pay Online Now? > WestILMall.com/pay <

PROBLEMS PAYING ONLINE? Tip: When paying using the above link, invoice # is optional. If included, it can only be used ONCE! IF making multiple partial payments either leave INVOICE # blank or add “b”,”c” etc to original number to make it logically YET APPEAR unique (so not to confuse PayPal, you won’t confuse me!)

If you have a PayPal account you can also use PayPal.me/WestILMall which simply transfers funds between accounts.

CANCEL ANYTIME (by 25th)  of PRIOR MONTH “with confirmation” we got your call, text or message. (an IN PERSON PHONE CALL is ALWAYS BEST to be sure.

We EMAIL (ONLY) “eBill” alerts after the 1st of each quarter due (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1)
* IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep up informed of YOUR CURRENT email billing address
* KEEP IN MIND the “Billing cycles” and “15th” due dates (one is when TAXES are due so ez to remember) otherwise
*Otherwise the “BUY NOW” link above let’s you (in theory) PAY once & DONE**
**(via PayPal subscription, PayPal enrollment required, YOU are responsible that your payment profile remain intact)

NEW for 2018 is WestIL.net email upgrades AND WestIL.email premium offerings. WE are NOT the Postal Service and the point of Internet, ecommerce, ebilling and eBusiness is to cut the cord & enjoy any cost savings that follow so we can further invest in better service at the lowest possible price. We are going to increasingly “walk the walk” which means less dead trees, messy ink, stamps and wasted fuel for something that already came to an inbox a week earlier. Go ahead and procrastinate if that is what you must but don’t forget the DUE DATE …

PAYMENT DUE by the due date (15th of Quarter mentioned above unless different on eMail eInvoice eBill). Pay online by midnight BUT we use “postmarks” (for those who still want to kill a tree, support a postal employee and not go after the credit card miles. We are not judging how you surf or how you pay BUT we DO want to get PAID for something we already PAID FOR FOR YOU!) so be sure you actually mailed it on time! Otherwise just as well add $5 to the bill.

(FREE parking…here of course, where you are going? no clue!)
Same routine, BEFORE the 25th of any PRIOR month and we can PARK your account for FREE. Service increments are based on month by month. Use that scheme as a guide when service must resume (following month IF arrangement or notification is prior to 25th before


**WE NO LONGER REQUIRE PURCHASE OF HARDWARE** Internet $$$ hardware, including a home wireless router, are included.  Installation is $100 plus a pre-paid monthly or quarterly subscription to start. (Watch for seasonal installation half off specials ) EQUIPMENT IS NOW OURS, AND MUST BE RETURNED TO CANCEL.

(I will point out this means it will be MONTHS if not YEARS before we see a penny out of significant red ink … which is why it is so offensive to be hung out to dry after getting any kind of usable Internet into Forgottonia here is in any way a great & costly struggle. We as WestIL.net have worked very hard to enhance the base offering with insanely better eMail and faster speeds, custom tailoring, frequent cutting edge upgrading, etc, while holding the price at something so needed yet unprofitable during such an extensive period. Lightning hits and it gets even more ridiculous. Don’t worship us but just please don’t abuse such dumb commitment to our neighbors & fellow customers trying to keep cost in check. Keep in mind only 20% of you can get this. Someone behind a tree, building or out of range can not enjoy what you take for granted now)

Therefore when we are forced to upgrade a location, we currently do not charge you. We simply convert you to the friendlier “Leased” method. If you did not “pay for” what is NOW on your roof? (ie WE own it) You are STILL only $45/month (residential rate) and if you did not get a FREE AirMax (pretty black) router inside to go with? We need to get that done!

WE pay FOR YOU for YOUR service. We are neither the “psychic network” AND we do not troll your usage. SO when you quit, leave on extended vacations, have some sort of issue … WE NEED TO KNOW and YOU NEED TO HAVE CONFIRMATION FROM US we know!!! OTHERWISE “we pay, then you pay” Duh to 90% of you I am sure!

As always though PAY by the due date or there is a $5 late fee if you miss the due date, which you will realize when Internet suddenly terminates on the 25th. AND by the 1st we are going to cut our losses … SO DON’T be THAT GUY in the household explaining why the Internet won’t work UNTIL NEXT MONTH!. (by a similar token we DID NOT pay and there is no way to get by into cycle until a new month

TIP: for those prone to brain freezes: Pay Pal subscription (see the Buy Now page)
(but if your card maxes out, you change banks, you forget to update your expiration date … all on PayPal then that too all bets are off. Having something costly and cool 80% of your neighbors are still waiting for requires at least that minimal commitment)


https://www.WestILMall.com/pay/  (PayPal account optional, select “no”)
https://www.PayPal.me/WestILMall (PayPal account required)