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As www.WestIL.net we service Warren & Henderson counties in Western Illinois with Wireless Internet Services (WISP). This self imposed (Internet service wise) area lets us maintain a quickly serviced personally supported customer side base. YES we are customer side White Label only (please pay me because they do bill me)

We DO help you INSIDE your house, your router, adding AI & Integrated Technologies, we can help you protect better (using things like alternative CleanBrowsing.org vs Google unfiltered (hackers phish & porn site freedom to surf) alternatives that are arguably faster defaults if you are otherwise filtered/secured or a lot more venturesome then I) WE just need to know what you want or don’t want us for. We can integrate more informative (& yes expensive) home routers to control your child or guest protection vs yours or give you more insight to what and how much different home segments are using data wise. Think White Label but WISP+ level service, our customer or not.

If you don’t know me personally, don’t care about additional router, integrating your AI & better (real postmaster) email alternatives then I suggest they are a very good source for Internet access. In fact the BEST service you are going to ever get from an Internet Service Provider despite only a fraction of you can ever get wireless from either of us to begin with.

Trees are not your friend but neither is dialup, data caps or cloudy day blues. For the lucky few with clear line of sight, or those willing to venture into their yard chain saw in hand, we do try our hardest (often too hard to profit)

WISP Service Map

We take Internet Security seriously. That concept is oddly unique. Many Mega services don’t even offer email (let alone configure your devices in person now days) YOU NEED the phone number of your email postmaster? BOOM! Nor do Mega services help you concerning family safety schemes, or helping analyze the security (sanity) of some of the things you do. WE actually provide the router AND secure it’s firmware FOR YOU. Its a start at least.

So outside our little WiFi department we do A LOT MORE then just wire the local area with Internet service:

www.WestILMall.com hosting solutions is for the entire Western Illinois region (with solutions for Eastern Illinois, Iowa and Missouri) and as

www.AFePub.com Allen Family electronic Publishing

We also live (and struggle) right here along side you so are happy to help integrate routers, cameras, home security &  crazy AI devices even for those on phone & fiber services that refuse to do only sales of Internet that ends at your door (call us crazy but that may be more profitable but is just plain boring)

For these our region is only limited by ones pocket book to lure us away, as we say.

Preston ;-)
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