YEP old people are snowbirds plus grandparents gone often as old age creeps in. It’s you know us and trust us vs how fast we pop over. Anyone who can suffer the cost difference on new install all over & buying, not free lease of a router, etc, that makes us different if you wait … I am NOT going to blame you should you call Derby direct (there is really no profit in this, but it is still break even and more fun then other near retirement ventures…just not more fun then ALL near retirement ventures)

Keep in mind climbing your abandoned TV tower missing bolts or the expensive my dime consumer side hop hop from out at your bin or barn into your home (that no other guy will do) got a lot less fun as I got older and a lot more difficult when the Trump admin gave 900 band to the rail road & phone company in April 2020 & 2021 (during Covid & too many “squirrels” distractions to see what was happening that mattered long term once over)  . CRITICAL rural M2M single user hardware P2P become unavailable to us in Forgottonia. The toolbox tricks and willingness to fall to my death has decreased I guess? Sorry!

Still we know stuff and do stuff a lot more secure (paranoid) for the customer side (and do stuff for the customer side we don’t even sell to) then alternatives. IN FACT if you can get faster/unlimited data alternatives (aka fiber) please call (cause we don’t wanna pay for what you quit using) and we in fact 100% recommend you get that. Unfortunately the only thing more embarrassing then 80% can’t get us for trees is the ridiculous fewer who might get fiber before they die (closer but still waiting here myself last guy on the coop yet all the others on out not in the area on my fiber bypassing me at the driveway)

THIS IS OUR PREFERRED/Once and Done/Safest choice (with all your credit card points and cash back choices included)

Basic level ($50) Surf Pro is gone (way too slow for today but grandfathered in until they bill me differently)

You can suffer (less) buffering on $75/mo Surf Premium, but if you have kids or are unwilling to stream in SD

  • Streaming Pro is your 1 device entry level streaming choice. 
  • Streaming Premium is where “Broadband” by definition (greater then 10 Mbps) begins.

BIG DIFFERENCE is yes it rural Internet is expensive but yet WE ARE UNLIMITED DATA. Push what you pay for each cycle no frets! 

  • OPTION 2: SURE you can take  monthly price $ x 12 and pre pay A FULL YEAR.

You can cancel ANYTIME but you

  1.  MUST NOTIFY US (any bill we pay, you pay)
  2. YOU ARE NOT OFF THE HOOK until ALL our LEASED EQUIPMENT is RETURNED as we can’t service the next guy without it.

Paying the old way is as EZ as Snail Mail: PO Box 123 Smithshire IL 61478

Service Call: $25 (FREE if our equipment & YOU have it on UPS Battery+Surge protection)
Damaged Hardware Replacement: $$$ (FREE if you have it on UPS Battery+Surge protection)

The basic WiFi router IS included (only initial one is FREE)

IF you want to “buy up” to a fancier router, we have & support 3: Amplifi, Unifi UDM & AirCube-AC

We may be a private & not a general in the virtual war (sheep skin wise) but we have a ton of practical experience integrating your in home AI and protection schemes into a working plan of defense. Just ask.