Help Please

Help files, tips and tricks for users can be found starting under this page section here. Tips and links apply solely to user accounts. Hope this helps in what is becoming a dizzying array of options for you now!

  • Pretty much all of you have my phone number. 99% of the time that will get you all the help you need. Yep real people still exist!
  • NEW UPGRADED Pro Mail (to match the new Pro Surfing & Streaming lineup.
  • Family Safety:¬†An old Computer World article, this will help orient you (and some of the offerings are obsolete). Generally we use Google (wild wild west & hardly private but fast for streaming) We help you decide, then decide how artistic we get (+ firewall rules for kids capable of hacking around choices) Naturally if they have phone w/data, we only manage our/your WiFi source.

Point is you probably can’t even get a phone number for mega @mail alternatives to help you set up that and no ISP I know is going to go through any effort to help prevent kids accidentally strolling into the dark parts of the web. You do have People (or at least 1 people) here for both if either is a concern.