Internet Cafe

Welcome to the Internet Cafe

This is a free service of Allen Family electronic Publishing with hotspot kiosh space provided at our home office out North of Smithshire Illinois.

This is primarily a fully functioning working demonstration of a rather complex security camera system + public hot spot system integration that can cover 1 room, or 20+ floor hotel either one.

Methods of access may change from time to time as part of any active demonstrations, however the “Cafe” SSID that got you here generally will get you on your way right after this bit of bragging.

Things to know:

  • This is hosted on our professional business Internet connection, actually THREE ISP services merged for bandwidth increases and redundancy

  • It is highly cutting edge and also highly experimental

  • Currently it is based on Unifi by Ubiquiti and the Unifi Vision NVR hacked to run Unifi Hotspot servers as well!
    It has also been demonstrated on MikroTik RouterOS gear and 900mhz or 5gig Ubiquiti Rocket Point to Point backhaul scenarios (for the hotspot in the sticks demonstration out East in a corn field … as well as Dew’s Diner back in the early days)

  • Which means as we tinker with beta software releases and mess with additional functions…
    …We do mere Web Design, FULLY MANAGED hosting (far from Forgottonian unreliability issues), stuff too complex (or weird) to explain and are game to find an eSolutions to something only you maybe have thought of yourself.

  • If you are in Warren or Henderson County (in theory we can wirelessly cover most of Western Illinois and some of Eastern Iowa … but try to stick closer in this self imposed region for better residential customer support on … WISP at least). To be clear we are not a 1-man war running out of the basement bootlegging wireless service. ON THAT we White Label the best alternative (Thank God phone companies still see dial-up as a viable product) by trying to add our own customer support and unique gear tweaks to an already professionally run highly respected provider with plenty of huge customer loyalty of their own.

  • Otherwise for system help from website design and hosting to Internet camera security & hotspots … we can pretty much service anywhere in the world you are willing to pay us to come. Otherwise locally we probably installed better “security monitoring” of “cows” for folks then a lot of financial institutions have of their cash.

This hotspot is free to you but insanely expensive for us and we justify the cost ourselves by using it as an educational platform as we do some crazy things with it just to see what we can do.

It goes without saying I hope, but don’t do anything abusive or illegal (aka stupid) please. The Internet itself is hardly private and US laws are very specific. It is a free connection to use at your own risk. In a rather big brother handed way we do somewhat deny/protect you from some abusive tendencies (in case you get blocked … that is part of the demonstration capabilities) but Facebook & Twitter are available at least. ¬†Any temptation to misbehave will be pursued. People using this service properly I am sure expect no less.

If you want to provide a hotspot in your business location, contact us. There are many ways to do it, most a lot simpler and time tested. We can assist you there with a lot of what we have learned over several years doing so here.

Safe Surfin’ All…
Preston ;-)
(309) 221-1427