Webmail Access & more

We are OFFERING WestIL.net email (and NEW eMail++ WestIL.email) to our WISP customers. Despite IMHO eMail being a long dead and problematic technology, I agree it is the problem child we all must live with for lack of any viable alternative. THAT said it has become INCREASINGLY EXPENSIVE to fix something that frankly is based on the “honor system” in a world full of evil intentions only 1 click away with data increasingly faster and cheaper making for no cost in making a living on the “dark side”.

Generic WestIL.net is getting a full make over (so check back on new access rules and settings) but for now regular (free add on that hardly is free anymore for us) is still:


EVEN the plain Jane mail has 3 client options:
Horde, Squirrel Mail & Round Cube. For web based calendars and notes, use whichever works best for you. You can also set up white-list (helpful especially to limit child contact to known friends), black list (useless) add folders, use mail sorting rules, etc all on this “pre filter” customization web user interface. Plain is mind blowing enough considering the cost ($0 to you, not to us)

Otherwise PC, tablets and phones enjoy SSL secure mail access. Space is tiny (250 Meg .. not GIG) so get organized. Somewhere something “POP” related (ie a PC) helps “pop email off” and keep your inbox tidy (if that somewhat non technical term helps remember the differences from …) IMAP to map your mirrored mail onto multiple devices and keep copies of spam for all of eternity is going to be a problem on this version if some goverment agency wants every email you ever sent/received (read on about that). EITHER be sure to check mark “US SSL” (in fact we won’t let you use any less). That way if you find yourself setting in a Russian Cafe checking mail over a dubious hot spot … you won’t reveal your username & password to some nearby laptop sniffing the air waves (I say Duh but I am a geek, roll of tin foil always nearby). And again if you need to save every bit of spam you ever got…


WestIL.email is your fix: It is a different server/service (we won’t discuss in public, but are happy to configure for you) and with it you get an insane 25 GIG of box space. If THAT is not enough you can buy archival backup space to store your old email AND you also get 30 GIG of private cloud space ! … AND you get online Word & Excel editor tools (so you have some kind of worth while work documents to put in all that junk you otherwise put in your cloud drive).

SO ASSUMING you are in one of those “give me a break, I have heard too much already about this” work Industries (GOV for one) where it is a legal requirement ALL email be ARCHIVED … that is an option (I suspect nobody needs … but we are here for EVERYONE need it or not…private email server or not!)

ESPECIALLY IF you are PC free (or not) your “devices” (aka phones) can now enjoy full “Mobile eXchange” server capabilities as well as there IS an iOS api for the cloud space too! (send your crap to the tiny free iCloud and your private stuff to YOUR much bigger included cloud space as needed, work on that term paper at the concert, on the buss, waiting your turn for the next turn at some horrible video game yet to be invented, waiting for the next mean tweet, whatever!)

The real intent is something smarter then your current jabbering spy ware appliance will be pre-screening mail here in a similar way so better then simple SpamAssassin freeware or even Barracuda and  better then cooking the cpu on the email server duties trying to screen mail (poorly) as in decades past. A SEPARATE $$$ server specifically designed to do email duties specifically is in the works.  Eventually we expect to have everyone on WestIL.net moved into this AI filtering environments BUT ONLY the Professional eMail product will have these extra perks.

Most gigantic mega corps (ie most ISPs) simply toss mail duties over to mega corps … so those guys can read all your mail and cloud for analytical data as payback for no IT phone numbers, support options or cost) BUT for YOUR SECURITY we are not going to explain the exact options and settings here. In fact we break as many auto setups as we can just to make the job harder for evil doers (which unfortunately means you I know too)

AS the new switch over comes, or new users are added then yes NOT ONLY will we be here to answer all your specific questions in real time … but we find it much quicker to simply burn fuel on a truck roll and set on your couch while we set up your devices as you specifically use each. Get someone at G world or Ya Boo Ho mail (or the lame Internet Service Providers who don’t even do “real email” in house any more) to even answer a phone let alone send a warm body to help you FOR FREE!

ONLY for WestIL.net WISP users so that means ONLY for Warren/Henderson residents here in Western Illinois (making Forgottonia a lot more cutting edge then anyone expects)