Webmail Access & more

We offer optional email: pro.WestIL.net (or WestIL.email)

Migration is complete March 2019 so enjoy the 25 gig locally managed pro inboxes at our expense (our cost is $1 month per user so enjoy)

We do have an upgrade, but that comes with an additional $25 per year upgrade price tag. With it you get an additional 30 gig cloud document storage, online document editing tools and iPhone friendly push notification to keep your private mail, calendar and notes all in sync.

We won’t get into the Outlook Exchange upgrade (but we do have that too). It certainly is costly however if you are a government official requiring permanent archival of all communications… well point is our residential mail is pretty darn high end and the limits from there is just price points you can afford.

Naturally anyone who has it doesn’t really need any information here, you have me, and we actually physically come to help you set it up in person on your devices then tweak it to get the best bang for the buck (when you are not even paying for it go figure)

ONLY for WestIL.net WISP users so that means ONLY for Warren/Henderson residents here in Western Illinois (making Forgottonia a lot more cutting edge then anyone expects!)