Internet Cafe

Welcome to the Internet Cafe

This is primarily a fully functioning demonstration of many strategies and devices we can use.

You may have gotten here from our on site demonstration, or it might be part of an installation elsewhere.

However that was,┬áIt goes without saying I hope, don’t do anything abusive or illegal (aka stupid) please. The Internet itself is hardly private and US laws are very specific. It is a free connection to use at your own risk.

Very possibly our demonstration is also showcasing some form of DPI (deep packet inspection) to quantify how much data each device is consuming and how much is for example web surfing, streaming services or gaming as part of securing a public wireless offering and keeping tabs on what is expected (or illegitimate) that might be occurring.

Or it might be as innocuous as you just can’t surf certain websites, in which case we are showcasing family safe surfing alternative services available out there.

By just getting here however you can assume we have done at least some tricks to keep you safe from others surfing the same WiFi zone with you.

If you want to provide a hotspot in your business location, contact us. There are many ways to do it, most a lot simpler and time tested. We can assist you there with a lot of what we have learned over several years doing so here.

Safe Surfin’ All…
Preston ;-)
(309) 221-1427