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PLEASE NOTE: NEW 2017 upgrades have us in transition. MUCH FASTER SPEEDS at old rates are currently possible. At any moment we may have a different product selection to differentiate speed and data usage (currently data usage is unlimited, you get whatever you can use/abuse). We “may” have something for people needing less speed/data and certainly have even newer faster offerings for those using/needing more … but for now at this moment, these are the two products we White-Label WISP with added local customer services and support built on. 

Use PayPal for monthly Internet subscription convenience
Western Illinois Life Network, live life more robustly!

The PayPal payment buttons here are for enrolling in automatically renewed monthly WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) subscription portion of WISP service contracts. This is for the reoccurring monthly service after already paying for the initial installation/setup fee that followed the free site survey. All also include:

  • complete 14 day money back satisfaction guaranteed (just return the gear for full refund)
  • no minimum contract period, cancel any time, any reason
  • WISP hardware NOW INCLUDED in the subscription price
  • NO phone, cable, satellite, cell service or hidden bandwidth fees. “Just Internet” no surprises
  • Your connection is “always on” and working 24/7 keeping your PC(s) and PC(s) software updated
  • VoIP phone software, games and online media content to fill in the void of what you replaced getting “Just Internet” with
  • Local, friendly service from someone I bet you already know!

Speed: WISP Broadband rated 1 mbs*  (depends on suitability and clear line of sight but we are seeing off peak speeds of 3-4 and even some 7 mbps since 2017 upgrades & more critically “latency” is way down which means “streaming” is now possible most installations). Windows for example will dispay downloading as “Bytes” so take that Byte figure times 8 to get Bits. Measured speeds will vary and can be affected by other active connections within your home, the speed of your device, the capacity of the server you are accessing remotely and the load on the major lines of communication between you and wherever. A fairly robust check of just your current capabilities can be judged by using our speed test tool. Certainly 20x faster then dial-up. Almost always hands down better then any other wireless alternative in the immediate area.

Subject to availability: Other then this bit, we don’t advertise. A handful each tower to avoid overloading. Diligent monitoring prevents unintended abuse (someone with a virus for example). With WISP we also jump over local line quality issues and take you directly to “GO FAST” lines in the big cities.

OK truth in advertising: We is me, to the extent I personally am responsible for everything you need period. “The network” is technically Derby Works who do an incredible job of making it “just work”. If not the best I would not use it and am trilled to sell it service enhanced as here. Both privately run business, we hear you and care. Internet, Web design, Hosting and even PC building/refurbishing makes us more then  a “Full Service ISP” (good luck on just that). We are your one-stop-shop for everything PC in fact.

Family Fun Pack: $45/mo reoccurring
Internet Subscription + Equipment lease (installation extra)

  • NOW Includes both WISP receiver AND Home Wireless Router no additional cost
  • Included no cost equipment upgrades and damage replacement
  • Installation fee has been paid separately/prior to subscription
  • 1 FULL EMAIL accounts,
    (upgradable to 100x more space + 30 GIG cloud drive & Word/Excel online editor for a fee)
  • Cancel any time with 30 day pre-notification & return of leased gear

BUSINESS WISP+ Package $80/mo

  • INCLUDES Static IP and permission to host services (like a world wide web server)
  • NEW Included 1 DOMAIN NAME PLUS teamed basic biz hosting OR DNS services for onsite hosting!
  • Priority bandwidth for priority routing during peak usages
    (no longer neccessary for basic streaming but possible answer to more then 1)SD and concurant surfing while streaming)
  • Great Boy (and Girl) Power Toy as well for all the same reasons
  • $100 installation typical to wire your business router (custom networking quotes available)
  • Great for difficult rural environments needing VPN connections to the World Wide Web and company home office
  • Also a great add on to your existing solution to achieve multi WAN failover redundancy and meet load balancing requirements

This is a great option for the typical businesses with up to 6 PC desktops/Servers to get web enabled with Internet, Web Hosting and Domain Name convenience all in one very affordable package. Need more capacity? Call. Already have Internet and just need a Web solutions provider who is local and understands how you think? Visit for more…

Have a larger environment? Need a subnet of IPs to run services? Need to network out buildings or add camera surveillance to other locations within site of your main facility? CALL because we have additional solutions for all of that!

However for a very affordable Business Plus Subscription: Just $80/mo…

above also a good option for “2nd” dual/load-balanced/redundant connection for existing wired businesses. We can gear you with dual WAN router-ware as well.

(Pay here after installation is completed or before any traditional renewal is due**)

ALL our plans INCLUDE high speed broadband, wireless based Internet service (WISP) and of course our friendly, nearby, local support 😉

Limited to availability, Subscription requires PayPal membership** enrollment or…

**We can also bill you by mail in 3-month quarterly increments for payment by check, credit card and PayPal each quarter. Be sure to ask about other special programs and personal needs during your initial site survey.

Subject to availability, limited quantities, price subject to change, call first before paying here

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