As we provide, secure and upgrade your personal routers for you as part of our included service fee, we should alert you that you have far more options in privacy and security. Let us explain and then contact us if any of these suit your needs.

DNS is the process of you typing a website and the DNS server (think like dark ages phone operator) translating that to the (server ip) number (or best closest pool of servers). Most routers default to Google to handle that task. Example then is:

Option 1: (tried & true)
Google DNS,

Option 2: (more private?)
Cloudfair DNS,

Options 3, 4 & 5: (security & filtering)
Security Filter,
**+Adult Filter (Security+Adult),
+Family Filter (All above + VPN),

OpenDNS is a 4th we have used. GeekFlare has an article on several as well. Some slower but more fine tuned or parental account configurations for a fee.

I should point out DNS tricks ONLY PROTECT your HOME WiFi (router) of “known” threats. It is a start & better then hoping! Some can slow your streaming (a bit of device manual bypass required). Upgrades to a Unifi Dream Machine & companion ap may give you additional insight into your smart home and device bandwidth usage as well (plus enable some mesh expansion options) & yes expensive BUT we use one & it’s $1,000+ big brother too!) Even that price point will not log every website your family is surfing (only Google likely knows that fine detail for sure)

Point is “residential” even $50 accounts COME WITH a STATIC IP so some of these paid parental solutions can easily be tied to your home IP address if you desire that sort of data, and like port forwards, we can advise and work with you whatever you required … assuming you are our customer of course!