You All (more family, neighbors & friends then customers) know us so mainly what is on our mind lately is why you came here.

Buy Now has the simple subscription buttons needed when instructed BY US to make changes to your services

PAY over at WestILMall.com is as easy as Pay via PayPal.me/WestILMall (both PayPal based secure) for those one time service charges (not subscriptions) Invoice# is optional but must be unique if using the WIMall pay method. U R A small group, we will always know who owes & pays what.

NEW is Security where we talk about super simple solutions to better family protection (DNS filtering options you can ask us to modify for you)

Yep we are the last standing idiot still managing customer email. Problems? New computer? Unlike these idiot bot services, (reading your mail, we don’t) a human here still will drive out & help you get set up !!! It is extremely expensive (for us, not you) and time consuming but that is your choice if self service is not in your vocabulary (aka you still have a life even if we don’t 😉 )

I should mention we have way too much personal experience with “smart homes” despite the cabinet full of tin foil we keep in reserve and the many foil hats we are known to wear. It’s a risk we endure to avoid a dull life? Amusing none the less how stupid Alexa is considering how much Google knows about me. That’s what our ridiculous investment in router tech is for to keep track & log all the mischief the world is constantly about .

Every day “is THIS the day to go grab all the tin foil and hide in a cave?” … but we are here to assist until that dreaded day comes!


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