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As www.WestIL.net we service Warren & Henderson counties in Western Illinois with Wireless Internet Services (WISP). This is self imposed by us to better maintain our customer base. The network it hangs on is our highly recommended White-Label provider. Our job is YOU for which we offer our enhancements & exclusives. Outside our region it is back to disappointment…assuming our only recommendation for a very good source for Internet access is not possible.

Our email is unique. Better secured then mega providers w/private cloud & document editing capabilities. NO “selling analytic to advertisers” so it does cost us more. We DO offer router protection configurations (or not). You know “Why”, we know “How” so work to outsmart your kids for things ISPs generally won’t bothered with. We assist you and your IoT (Internet of Things) making them work & work safely without you causing some mischief in error.

WISP Service Map

Basically we take Internet Security seriously. That concept is oddly unique, but considering your door to the big bad world is a click away & it’s testing your defenses like the zombie apocalypse 24/7/364! any ISP not is telling you close your eyes  & play in the street.  YOU WILL GET HIT! At minimum we protect the router we offer. It is (still) FREE IF you properly protect power to it. A wise investment, your PC is screaming for that!

NEW: 7 possible plans!
Surfing (4 plans) is penny pinching basic plan & running up mind numbing data usage is even easier now. For years we helped you stream on less BUT it’s still not advertised as such. Your mileage will vary comes to mind. 

Streaming (3 plans) is our Biz line, NOW 3x faster we call it such. HD, multiple SD, surf and stream. Pro+ has Premium+ & Ultimate+ to push it farther. Not some wild number you never see 90% of the time, but something you can design your devices and behaviors to expect, now expect MORE. Our list of user tricks made the impossible possible for years. Now it’s even easier!

Crazy promises elsewhere ironically end unpredictably! Faster isn’t always faster? No cure for stupid, self inflicted woes won’t repair themselves unless we take time to help you find gremlins and understand them. That get you maximum bang for your buck.

Why? No matter which plan you choose, our slim take is EXACTLY SAME $. We use that to upgrade you our customers gear, replace blown hardware you our customer suffers, bill you, pay for the enhanced hosting services we offer (email, billing, etc) justify the cost of time it takes  to secure your router & advise you and all the rest.  Up-selling you something you don’t need has no $ reward!

So why is not EVERYONE on US? The sad fact is 80% love trees, took down the TV tower, live in the valley or otherwise reside in one very pretty yet (still) isolated zone of Forgottonia and just CAN’T GET “unlimited wireless service with no data caps & no contracts”.  For them life is full of regret. Still the lucky 20% rule constantly increases as new points go in.  We like to think we push that a couple more percent making impossible possible just for the fun of the challenge. All the new provider upgrades the guys do adds to it too. (Honestly I don’t think they know weekends or sleep, so neither do we)

Here is some quick links for “already” members of the Western Illinois Life Network rural wireless Internet subscription family:

SECURE WEBMAIL: WestILMall.com:2096

PRO MAIL NEW: www.WestIL.email
(25 GIG inbox, 30 GIG  private cloud, Word/Excel tools, managed by us for WestIL users!)

eBILLS: WestILMall.com/pay/ or PayPal.me/WestILMall (both PayPal secure driven)

Of course we do A LOT MORE then just wire the local area with Internet service.
www.WestILMall.com hosting solutions is for the entire Western Illinois region (with solutions for Eastern Illinois, Iowa and Missouri) and as Allen Family electronic Publishing ( www.AFePub.com ) we are here to assist anyone in any way we can from Internet Cafe’s to Security Camera solutions and more.

Preston ;-)
(309) 221-1427